The Best Advice For Dealing With Credit Challenges

There Is No Magic Wand

We’ve helped thousands of people build healthy credit and prepare to credit qualify for their new home. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a greater amount fail to start or derail their journey towards healthy credit because the perceived burden of resolving or “fixing” their credit was too difficult. This is due, in part, to voodoo credit advice and the hope of a magic wand that can somehow sprinkle fairy dust and make all of those collections (or late payments, judgments, etc) disappear.

Maintaining healthy credit is not a science, and can be simple if you understand the rules of the credit game. However, for those who are working on building healthy credit, or trying to resolve derogatory credit challenges, a healthy credit profile starts to feel like a science project. Between the high interest payments, constant creditor calls, and the increasing accessibility of your credit scores, dealing with poor credit is a burden. If you’re trying to dig your way out of bad credit, it can be perceived that you’re adding more weight to an already heavy load.

Because of this, there are a lot of voodoo-esque credit tips and magic wand theories. Some of them aren’t so bad, such as making a sacrifice to the credit gods by cutting up your credit cards and going to a cash only system. On the other hand, some credit advice and magic wand approaches can be serious. The use of CPN (Credit Privacy Numbers) and frivolous manipulations on credit reports can land you in serious trouble with the authorities and potentially ruin an innocent child’s financial future.

Some people who are working towards better credit tend to get themselves into more problems by investing their time and money into bad solutions. To put it simply, there is no magic wand that will give you healthy credit. This is the best advice that I have to offer for those looking to build, fix, repair, or simply restore their credit profile back to a healthy level. If you ditch the magic wand approach, and invest in persistence and credit education, you’ll reach credit nirvana faster than you’d think.

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