Premier Credit: 2018 in Review

Reflecting on 2018

We believe that 2018 was one of the best years we’ve had at Premier Credit. Here are three key factors that drove success for our clients and our referral partners last year.

  1. Communication, Communication, Communication.

    • With the help of our referral partners and clients, we were able to take real time feedback and implement better communication systems to keep clients engaged, while allowing better transparency for their referral partner. This change helped us drive a 14% higher completion rate for our entire client pipeline compared to 2017.

  2. Support and Transparency

    • With the addition of Ben Davis and Austin Jager, we were able to build a more sustainable platform for providing clear and concise client updates for our referral partners. This increased client closings and helped bridge the gap between the referral partner and the client while they worked towards healthy credit.

  3. New Partnership Options

    • Over the course of 2018, we beta tested multiple strategic affiliate options to launch in 2019. This created free credit repair platforms for our referral partners, online lead generation opportunities, and more.

These factors, along with key hires and great investment from our team, drove success for our referral partners and clients in 2018. In an effort to continue our growth and success, we’re focusing on the following areas to ensure 2019 is the best year yet for our clients.

  1. Delivering Options to Cut Down on Time Frame

    • Through our strategic partnership with SmartCredit, we will be able to offer credit monitoring services that will dramatically improve the client’s time frame while working in our services. This service comes with budgeting software, and 3 bureau credit scoring.

  2. Simplified Communication Updates

    • Our team is working to reboot our communication platform to provide simple and clear communication updates that keep clients engaged while moving casework forward.

  3. More Support for Referral Partners

    • Our Account Executive team is growing on a new platform built to provide a high level of support and accountability to our referral partners throughout the country. This reinforces our commitment to building lasting relationships within the real estate industry based on providing quality service and a great partner experience.

2018 was a great year, and we’re excited for the year ahead. As always, we’re grateful for our amazing clients and referral partners that invest in our company and trust in our services.

Cheers to 2019