The Impact of Healthy Credit

For the past eight years, we've worked to help clients improve the health of their credit, and specifically prepare to credit qualify for their upcoming home loan. We take pride in making an impact in our community. 

Below are a few examples of how a healthy credit profile can impact your life. 


Interest Rates

*Based upon rates from 12/7/2017 sourced by Informa Resource Services. Premier Credit Consulting, LLC is not a mortgage company nor does it advertise mortgage rates

Over the past 20 years, access to consumer credit profiles has increased dramatically. 

Today, it's not only a lender that is pulling credit. Many employers, leasing companies, and insurance companies are pulling credit to identify your risk as a consumer. With increased access to credit profiles, it's important that consumers are aware of not only their credit score, but the accuracy of the content on a credit profile. 

If you're interested in checking your credit, we recommend SmartCredit. 


For consumers who take action, there's potential to see dramatic changes in the health of their credit profiles.

We've put together a few case studies of previous client experiences. Individual results may vary.