Case Studies

We've put together a few case studies on client experiences and results. 

Individual results may vary.



Credit Score: 420 to 620 to 680

Length of Enrollment: 157 Days

State: Utah

Adam went through a divorce, complicating his credit situation. Before the divorce, he was making $18 an hour and his wife was making more than him. At the divorce they had $65,000 of debt. Adam was forced to move when the divorce happened and had to get a new job at $10 an hour. A few credit companies and debt collectors began to harass him. As a result of this life event, his score plummeted to 420 from 790.
Taking responsibility and making a plan to eliminate his debts, Adam lived in his car for three months. He enrolled in school and after attending for a year got $17,000 from his GI Bill. After doing a Google search on debt negotiations, Adam talked down his creditors to as low as three cents to the dollar on what he owed. Using the $17,000 he got from his GI Bill, Adam eliminated $65,000 of debt.
Adam then was looking to buy a house but his credit score was still a non-qualifying 620. He had a foreclosure and two debts he did not know about on his report. A college he had never attended appeared twice on his report. There was also a medical bill from when he was in the military that the military apparently did not pay.
At this point he enrolled in Premier’s program. In about two months, Adam’s score rose to 680 so he was able to buy a house. The entire process took four years, as well as a lot of effort and money.



Credit Score: 586 to 705

Length of Enrollment: 63 Days

State: California

Before going off to serve as a soldier in Iraq, Eric was notified by the military of the California Military Families Financial Relief Act, which provides a six month reprieve of mortgage payments. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Eric invested the money elsewhere when he left for Iraq.

Six months later Eric, still in Iraq, began getting emails about missed payments. To remedy the situation, Eric called the bank up from Iraq. The bank claimed the law did not apply for some reason. “The irony of it is, while I’m talking to this guy, I get mortared, blown up, thrown across the room, knocked silly. I’m thinking, I’m risking my life for this joker and he won’t even give me benefit of law.” Speaking to the manager, he did a loan modification to attempt to fix the problem.

Ten months later, Eric returned home from serving his country. The situation became bleak financially, owing $76,000 on a home $280,000 underwater. The result was filing bankruptcy.

Two years later, Eric began looking to get a VA loan. Looking at his credit report he realized there was a lot of incorrect information so he sought help at Premier Credit. Premier found mistakes and a lot of little things and got it all fixed. One item alone made his score jump 50 points. After renting for two years, Eric qualified for the loan and got back into his home.




Credit Score: 425 to 650

Length of Enrollment: 428 Days

State: Utah

Things transpired in Ana’s life to the point where she was out of a home and facing repairing her credit or going into bankruptcy. Having two kids in an apartment was rough. She really wanted to get into a house so they’d have a place to run around. She realized the problems bankruptcy would bring so she decided on credit restoration. A realtor advised her to use Premier Credit. With Premier’s help, Ana was able to qualify for a home and a car. She realizes that she saved a lot of money compared to the bankruptcy option. Now she emphasizes managing her money to keep her credit up.