Responsible Credit Repair


Rate Builder

Not everyone is in need of the full credit repair services that we have to offer. Instead, Rate Builder is a unique, short term option to help clients strategically maximize their purchasing power.

This program is perfect for already qualified buyers looking to save money on their interest rate or mortgage insurance.

Services Include:

> Tailored 90 Day (or less) Plan

> Customized Credit Analysis

> Direct Creditor Validations

> Direct Disputing

> Creditor Negotiations

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Complete Service

Are you trying to build healthy credit? Our Complete Service combines consumer advocacy and powerful industry expertise to help you save money, build credit, and find a lasting solution to credit challenges.

This program is perfect for future home buyers who have dealt with a life event that has negatively impacted their credit worthiness.

Services Include:

> Customized Credit Analysis For Building Healthy Credit

> Direct Creditor Validations

> Direct Disputing With All Three Credit Bureaus

> Creditor Negotiations

> Goodwill Interventions For Removal Of Late Payments

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Credit Monitoring

The biggest threat to healthy credit is not knowing what is on your credit report. Our Smart Credit monitoring option helps you take control of your credit report while building healthy credit.

Perfect for consumers looking to protect their credit scores through consistent monitoring.

Services Include:

> ScoreTracker

> ScoreBuilder

> Smart Credit Report

> 3B Reports and Credit Scores

> Money Manager


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