Pro Tips For Maximizing Your Credit Repair Pull Through To Contract/Close


We work with hundreds of mortgage, real estate, and sales professionals throughout the country and often hear the same complaint about credit repair:

“I refer them out, but never see them again.”

We understand, and have put together some Pro Tips on how you can maximize your pull through to contract for the clients that you refer to credit repair.

Don’t Sleep On Your Credit Repair Pipeline

It’s easy to forget about your clients working on their credit, but don’t be upset if they don’t come back to you to qualify. At Premier Credit, we have built in reminders for your clients to follow up with you as the referral partner, but more can be done to ensure they come back to credit qualify. One of the most successful practices that we see is setting a monthly follow up call or email to make sure the client isn’t losing momentum on their journey to credit qualify.

Some of our partners automate this process, while others personally make phone calls. Regardless of your approach, we recommend building a follow up process with your credit repair pipeline. We try to make this easy for you by sending video emails with casework details designed to keep you and your referral partners in the loop.

Bring The End Goal To Life For Your Client

Not only is buying a home one of the largest investments most consumers will make, it is also one of the most emotionally taxing experiences they’ll go through as well. Some of our most successful industry partners have mastered the ability to articulate the end goal through properly setting up the buyer for success. This happens by encouraging the client to report back to you with status updates, and making sure their expectations are realistic.

In our experience, clients that have an increased sense of accountability to their referring partner, in conjunction with realistic expectations, have a much higher likelihood of reaching their credit goal and qualifying. If you have questions about how to do this efficiently without feeling like you have to sell credit repair to your client, let’s chat.

Get In Touch Before They Finish Instead Of After

For our industry partners, we have a three point communication flow designed to ensure your clients get back into your pipeline BEFORE they finish the program. This helps re-ignite the excitement for the next step in the qualification process, and mitigates the potential for your client to go shopping with their new, healthy credit score.

You can add to this process by helping to celebrate their hard work, and giving them tools and information as they prepare to complete our services. Some examples that we’ve seen are congratulatory cards mailed to the client, appointments set in advance to review credit once they complete our services, and even conference calls with our team to set a clear path forward upon completion.

If you have ideas on how we can help you maximize your pull through to contract for your credit repair clients, then let’s schedule a call or meeting to discuss! We hope this information helps you to get more from your pipeline, and help more people reach their goal of credit qualifying.