Are you scared of your credit score? Tips to make your credit score less scary this Halloween.

Credit scores can get scary, especially if you’re one of the millions that have dealt with a life event that has hampered your credit worthiness. Fortunately, you don’t have to hide from your credit score. We’ve put together some simple tips on how you can take action and build healthy credit this Halloween season.

  1. Avoid the suspense of bad credit. Most people with scary credit scores avoid pulling or looking at their credit. It’s the same feeling as covering your eyes during a scary movie. You know what’s going to happen, but are unwilling to watch. Instead, bring your credit profile into the light by pulling a credit report at Similar to a scary movie, it’s usually not as bad as you think…

  2. Get the facts. Years of neglect or credit challenges can’t magically disappear. Like a zombie, your credit challenges will find a way to come back and torment you. Instead, know your rights and the rules of the credit game. If accounts are reporting incorrectly, or are too old to be on the report, you have the right to challenge that information. (It’s not nearly as difficult as fighting off a hungry zombie…)

  3. Take action. It’s always the people who hide or aren’t active in horror stories that get eaten first. It’s the same way with credit. It can take an obnoxiously long time to wait out credit problems, with old problems usually escalating or resurfacing during the process. Instead, take action! There are a lot of DIY credit tools (click here for more), or you can call in Premier Credit (think of us as the equivalent of the modern day Ghost Busters) to help you take action and find a responsible option to credit challenges.

We hope this information helped. If you have questions, you can contact us here and even schedule a free evaluation with our team.

Don’t let credit scare you this holiday season.