APRIL 2019

I had a few concerns about my service at first, but was a miss-understanding on my part. After speaking with Maggie about my situation, they went above and beyond to help me. I would recommend Premier to anyone needing help with their credit.

- Greg


APRIL 2019

Loved working with your team! Very happy with the results.

- Stephanie


March 2019

These people know what they’re talking about. They’re professional and helpful.

- Caroline


APRIL 2019

Premier Credit walked us through the process of improving our credit score and allowing us to qualify for our dream home at the best possible interest rate! They were efficient, accurate, and very available every time I called. Thank you so much.

- Sylvia and Blair


APRIL 2019

Loved working with your team! Very happy with results.

- Stephanie


march 2018

So far I've had really good luck with premier credit they've helped me get my combined score from pthhhhht to over 250 point jump. It has taken over a year to get this done but that is for lack of effort on my part and due to being super busy with work. None the less they still got in ,disputed, extremely lowered the money owed to debt collectors and even have 2 of the credit companies negative marks against me expunged. The money I saved on paying debt collectors has more than paid for the payments to fix my credit (win win) right? I highly recommend this company and will defiantly be referring friends and family. The staff here has constantly kept me updated and always contacted me even when I hadn't been checking in or following up. They have been quick to answer any questions and concerns. They have been very professional, polite, and easy to work with on anything I've asked or needed some knowledge of. I'm still working with them on a few things still dinging my credit and they are still doing an awesome job fixing it.

- Malcolm M.


march 2018

Great team and staff to help you get on the best position to save you money long term. The reasonable fees are acceptable for services that will save you so much in the future. They even assisted me 6 months after I finished service when I had some more questions and needed advice. I was needy and they were always patient. Maria is excellent! Recommend!

- Eric L.


march 2018

Premier credit did a great job on my accounts getting me a 25% + in my credit score! I’m sure it would of been more if I got my credit card balance lower by the time I didn’t need their services any longer. But they are still working on my wife’s account and I look forward to seeing her end results. Also they want to make sure you’re 100% happy at the end and did a great job ensuring I was!

- Justin R.



December 2017

The President Alex called me directly to help. I had an issue that I needed help with and he and his team helped me to get qualified quickly for a new home with a much lower interest rate. They are great to work with and it got my credit score back to excellent standing!

- MaryKay S.



september 2017

I would absolutely recommend these guys. My credit file was plagued with hospital bills that I received after an injury. Premier Credit Consulting worked with all the creditors to negotiate payment terms. They also followed up with all the credit bureaus to ensure negative marks were removed.

They saved me thousands of dollars through their negotiations and saved me countless hours of time. It was a great investment by any standard.

- Ben C.


Septemer 2017

That are amazing they improved my credit from 500 to above 700 in three months.
Very friendly now I can buy my home thank you

- Michael J.


August 2017

Great company to work with I would really recommend to any one .

- Bianca V.


August 2017

Amazing company! Excellent work with clients. Recommend 100%.

- Ali M.


August 2017

They helped me rehabilitate my credit so I could qualify for a house at a great rate!

- Justin J.


April 2017

There came a time when I wasn't sure what I wanted to do...But after being introduced to them I realized yes I needed their help not just for me but for my wife as well. We were able to increase my credit scores up 60-70 . If you are skeptical about this process.. -don't grow any more gray hairs trying to do it yourself. Professionals do Professional work(Product). I promise you -you not be disappointed.

- Vili K

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