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Coach, Financial Guru, Miracle Maker, and Credit Advocate.

As a mortgage professional, you have a have multiple titles. 

The Originator's Guide to Credit provides simple credit education that can help your prospective buyers prepare to credit qualify for their new home. 

Below, you'll find information that you can use to help answer questions about building healthy credit, credit scores, and more. 


Three Key Elements of Healthy Credit



The whole point of a credit score is to identify your risk as a consumer. You can avoid serious credit challenges by simply establishing positive credit habits such as properly managing credit cards while having a healthy mix  of credit accounts. 



One in four consumers have inaccuracies on their credit reports. In addition, most consumers don't check their credit report regularly. In order to have healthy credit, monitor the accuracy of the data on your profile.



What do you do if you find an inaccuracy on credit? What are your rights as a consumer? If you've made a mistake or are dealing with a life event, how do you recover? Being vigilant about credit is key to protecting yourself. 


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Responsible Credit Repair

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