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Program Details

We're committed to helping you build a pipeline of business for the future through responsible credit repair services. Below you'll find more information about how we can help your clients reach their goal of owning a new Ivory Home! 


Direct Point of Contact

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Alex Grimnes


m: 801-971-7738

o: 801-513-2040





As your client goes throughout our program, they'll be updated via real time emails and text messages. In addition, our Customer Experience team will be calling your buyers regularly to make sure they get their questions answered, and are having a great experience with our company. 

As a Sales Professional or Preferred Lender for Ivory Homes, you'll receive similar email updates, including a Credit Snapshot, that provides real time information on the status of the buyers credit profile. In addition, you'll receive an updated Master Report on the first Friday of each month. This report contains updates on clients that are Nearly Complete or Ready to Contract. 

If there are any questions, we've got you covered. 

Alex Grimnes, President of Premier Credit, at 801-971-7738 or alex@premiercredco.com

Maggie Parker, General Manager, at 801-513-2038 or maggie@premiercredco.com



We focus on three key aspects of your buyer's credit profile:

building healthy credit

- We're committed to helping your buyer build a sustainable, healthy credit profile for life. We accomplish this by educating and coaching buyers through establishing and maintaining healthy credit. 

Responsible Disputing

We believe in disputing accounts that are reporting in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If any accounts are erroneous or outdated, they need to be removed from the credit report. 

Advocating and Negotiating

For buyers that have legitimate, outstanding debts that are holding them back from credit qualifying, our team works as an advocate on their behalf to resolve those accounts and help the client credit qualify. 


Cost of Services

We offer all of our services for a flat monthly fee plus a reasonable account preparation fee. 

Account Prep Fee: $159

Monthly Service Fee: $89.99

The majority of our client save more money through utilizing our service then they end up spending on our service fees. We don't charge additional fees for negotiating or other escalated casework. 

The only additional cost to a buyer will be for credit monitoring, which can help cut down on the amount of time the client spends in our service. This is an option presented to all potential buyers upon enrollment. 


We're excited to work together.