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Now Hiring: Credit Consultant

Take your sales career to a new level by joining our growing team. As a sales professional, you’ll be provided the security of a healthy base paired with high quality, referral based leads. Our sales platform is designed to help sales pros hone their skills, and ultimately propel themselves towards new opportunities in the future. Whether you’re a skilled B2C sales professional looking to grow with a company, or simply interested in a career in sales, our team can help you find success.

We offer flexible hours, PTO, and a scalable commission model. For those of you who are interested in growing into B2B sales, we offer upward mobility into growing markets.

You don’t need to settle for the over-saturated, pie in the sky sales jobs that never work out. Premier Credit is a local company with over 10 years in the industry, and a proven track record of building sales professionals. Don’t believe us? Apply today and schedule a call with a previous or current sales professional who has found success.                      


-          Provide high level consultations to prospective clients.

-          Clearly outline expectations of casework and communication.

-          Align your sales approach with the company’s value system of closing potential clients.

-          Drive production through building routine and maintaining professionalism.

-          Create a positive culture through team engagement and competition.

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Now Hiring: Dispute Coordinator 

We're actively looking for a Dispute Coordinator that can help us provide the highest level of customer service to our clients. We believe in our clients, and strive to provide an amazing customer experience.

As a Dispute Coordinator, you will be responsible for calling clients as they work their way towards a healthy credit profile. In addition, you'll work with our clients to answer questions and resolve client concerns as they come up. 

If you're an outgoing person with lots of energy, you're perfect for this role. 

The position is available both at part time and full time. We offer a competitive starting base, and annual increases upon management approval. 

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Now Hiring: Credit Analysts

Are you interested in building a career and developing your skills as a Credit Analyst? 

We're hiring for motivated professionals to work on our client's behalf to help them save time and money as they work towards healthy credit. We offer competitive pay, paid time off, and other incentives to help you make a great income while building your career for the future. 

If you're interested in joining our growing team, apply below to schedule an interview with our managers. 


-          Clearly communicate expectations and casework with active clients. 

-          Use strong analytical skills to navigate negotiations and communication with creditors.

-          Must be comfortable with all microsoft and general computer programs. 




Join Our Team

Close to the mountains.

Small family style company. 

big growth opportunities. 

help people reach their goals.


If you're interested in applying for one of our available positions, submit your information and we'll reach out to schedule a phone interview. 

We can't wait to speak with you, and appreciate your interest in our company. 

If you apply on a weekend, please be aware that you will not be contacted until the next business day.